Be a VIP 2

You’re already our BFF… want to be a VIP?

Isn’t it great being BFF’s? And BFF’s tell each other about great deals and super opportunities. You can jump from BFF to VIP in a heartbeat.

Want to be a Gostosa VIP? Purchase just 10 bundles of any type or length of glorious hair to be delivered to your doorstep.  Hair exactly how you like it, right when you need it. No extra running around.

You know you’re the best of the best, and we know it too! We would love to add you to our preferred salons listing page. It’s a great free promo for you AND great deals on hair! You just can’t lose!

The product.

100% human hair and all lengths are the same price. Gostosa Hair is pending certification by the AAHE which means Gostosa Hair has been pre-washed and conditioned to remove chemical residue and to prepare the hair for immediate use. This saves several steps for stylists and makes the hair last longer.

The branding.

Not only can your salon appear in the preferred salon location listing. When you purchase 10 bundles of any style or length, we will create a separate unique page for your salon on our website. 10 bundles gets you a branded unique landing page for 1 year. You can promote your top stylist, or a particular service, it will feature your logo, images and contact details. 

The deal.

We have a special pricing deal for you, so you can provide an incentive to your stylists to use Gostosa Hair – we offer you a 10% discount when you purchase bundles of any style or length, but use that 10% wisely, buy your minimum 10 bundles to get your free web page. Free shipping. This is a limited time offer. Become a Gostosa VIP preferred salon now.

Fill out the VIP form, once we verify your salon and your 10 bundle payment is complete, we’ll set up a call to get all your details for your page and voila’ you’re a VIP !

You are the best of the best and we want to help make you even better with a high quality branded hair product. Be Gostosa, be delicious!